"The Farmhouse - Summer Share"
oil on canvas, 56" x 44"  1998

ART TALK:  A monthly (?)quote from the field of art and aesthetics.


Again, there has been no article for this month.  It's already April!

Dear Readers,  please accept my apologies for being so late at updating Art Talk.


This time, I want to talk a little about politics.  Please contact your representatives in Washington and urge them not to cut funding for PBS, The National Endowments for the Arts and  the National Endowment for the  Humanities.


The money earmarked for these programs is an extremely small part of the national budget.  However, these programs benefit the country in several ways:  they provide crucial support for a variety of educational programs,  they provide assistance to a news service designed to be insulated from government and corporate influence and they provide assistance to many small arts organizations across the country.


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I am a contemporary artist, located in New York City, specializing in painting, drawing and mixed media.  I hope to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas with others interested in the arts.  If you like this site, be sure to tell your friends.


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Self portrait photo a la Warhol's "Interview."


Self portrait photo a la Warhol's "Interview."
Self portrait photo a la Warhol's "Interview."