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JULY-AUG.  2016: 
Collection de l’Art Brut


In Switzerland, Art Brut Goes Back to Its Roots

by Edward M. Gómez,  on July 16, 2016


“LAUSANNE, Switzerland — The roots of art brut, as a field of research, may go back a century or more, effectively (if perhaps unwittingly) tracing the evolution of this unusual art genre in parallel with but separate from that of modern art. However, it is possible to shift the focus on art brut and its progeny — outsider art and so-called self-taught art (terms that are sometimes used synonymously, but whose meanings, strictly speaking, are nuanced and distinct) — away from an art-historical narrative or classification system and more toward various art brut creators’ respective bodies of work. To do so is to realize again and again just how one-of-a-kind each deeply personal oeuvre really is.


That label-defying uniqueness was one aspect of this art that captivated the French modern artist Jean Dubuffet (1901–1985), the scion of a wine-selling family in Le Havre who, in the mid-1940s, from his base in Paris, began exploring and documenting the work of visionary, self-taught art-makers who were situated by chance or by choice on the margins of mainstream culture and society. He called their creations “art brut” (“raw art”)”


“Now, in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Collection de l’Art Brut, the world’s first museum dedicated to the examination, preservation, and presentation of the unusual art forms that so fascinated Dubuffet and his colleagues, is celebrating the fortieth anniversary of its founding with Jean Dubuffet’s Art Brut: The Origins of the Collection.”


Note:  A selection of work from the collection, “Art Brut In America: The Incursion of Jean Dubuffet”, was exhibited at The American Folk Art Museum in New York, October 13, 2015 to January 10, 2016.


"Laundry, 40" x 24" oil on plywood, 2016




Joseph D. Lawrence © 2016


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Self portrait photo a la Warhol's "Interview."


Self portrait photo a la Warhol's "Interview."
Self portrait photo a la Warhol's "Interview."