"Subway Entrance", charcoal and pastel on paper, approx. 14" x 11", about 1986

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November 2016:  On William Kentridge

For several years William Kentridge has been one of the artists that I have found to be both inspiring and perplexing.  In his review of the current London exhibition of animated drawings, cut-outs and installations, Jeremy Harding interpreted William Kentridge and his artistic practice.


Kentridge frequently refers to the his upbringing in South Africa during the apartheid period, a time of political turmoil and rapid industrialization.


William Kentridge’s preoccupations lead even further back into history to the coming of the machine age, the Industrial Revolution and early modernism.  This fascination with modernism has been characteristic of Kentridge's work from the beginning.  He has always been intrigued by the accomplishments of the people responsible for the invention of cinematography, and he has adapted these procedures into his  work.


The final part of the article talks about how Kentridge comments on our sense of time.  Harding believes that Kentridge’s animations demonstration the power of film to suggest that time can progress both forward and backward.  Additionally, Harding believes Kentridge’s use of montage is “a demonstration of how we make sense of the world rather than an instruction about what the world means.”



Harding, James.  "At the Whitechapel Gallery."   The London Review of Books  3 November 2016:  34-35.





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Self portrait photo a la Warhol's "Interview."


Self portrait photo a la Warhol's "Interview."
Self portrait photo a la Warhol's "Interview."